Resilience in Local Governance (RESLOG) is a Project, started in 2018, that aims to strengthen the capacity of local government systems by increasing resilience in accordance with the principles of peacefulness and inclusiveness in Turkey and Lebanon, two countries seriously affected by the Syrian Crisis.

Resilience for Migration: Municipal services being durable, prepared and prudent against current or future effects of migration

The main goals of RESLOG are:

  • To strengthen inter-municipal learning and support structures through regional associations
  • To improve holistic planning and governance at municipal level
  • Improve national migration policies to reflect local realities and needs

Resilience in Local Governance (RESLOG) Project is carried out by the Swedish Local Authorities and Regions Association (SALAR), through its affiliate SKL-International.

Background of the Resilience in Local Governance Project

Within the framework of Sweden’s Regional Strategy for the Syria Crisis 2016–2020, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) through its affiliate SKL International carried out a study on resilience in local governance in Syria’s neighbours. Work was conducted between August 2016 and April 2017. The countries covered in the study are Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, and it also includes a brief overview of refugee reception and local governance in Sweden.

Work was guided by and relates to Agenda 2030, principles of Swedish development cooperation policy in general and Sweden’s Regional Strategy for the Syria Crisis 2016–2020 in particular. In the case of the latter, especially the second strategic activity area is relevant. It reads:

Strengthened resilience, human security and freedom from violence, with a focus on livelihood opportunities, increased access to public services and reduced gender based violence.

After the submission of the feasibility study report, SALAR and Sida have, based on the findings of the study, been engaged in dialogue on conducive ways forward. It was agreed that a proposal for an inception phase of approximately nine months covering two countries should be submitted during autumn 2017 with preliminary start in December 2017.

Approach of RESLOG

RESLOG is based on a whole systems approach to local governance and resilience development. This means drawing on multi-disciplinary competences, and also focusing on interactions between levels, actors and sectors as well as organisation specific aspects. RESLOG will address issues such as capacity gaps, financial circumstances, structures, planning processes, or decision-making procedures of organisations themselves, as well as at looking at interactions between vertical and horizontal actors within the system, and the enabling environment.

In perspective of this above and in order to address resilience in local governance effectively, RESLOG will work with different system levels in Turkey and Lebanon:

Local: individual municipalities, communities (host and refugee), civil society, INGOs, etc.

Regional: Provincial/governorate administrations, Regional Unions of Municipalities (Turkey), Unions of Municipalities (Lebanon), aid coordination mechanisms, etc.

National: National Unions of Municipalities (UMT), central government agencies, policy institutions, donors etc.