Bursa Migration History Museum Sheds Light on the City’s Past

Bursa Museum of Migration History, managed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Culture and Arts, Branch Directorate of Museums and sheds light on the 8500-year history of the city, draws the attention of visitors.

At the Museum of Migration History, where the migrations caused by wars, natural disasters and pressures are exhibited, there is also an interactive part and a library, which provides detailed information on migration from the Balkans, the Crimea and the Caucasus to Bursa. The parts in the museum are “First footprints in Bursa, first settlements “, “ Works towards civilization in Bursa”, “ The first immigrants of Bursa: people of Bitinia, Thracians, Aegean Colonies “, “Migrations from Ottoman to Rumelia, “93 War and Balkan Migrants-1913 Migration”, “Republican Era Migrations”, “1989 Balkan Cognate Migration “, “Crimean Migrations“ and “Caucasian Migrations”.

Impressive and Memorable Migration Stories Wait for the Visitors

The museum, which opens its doors for approximately 60 thousand visitors a year, also exhibits animations and tools used during the migration in order to keep the narration alive and attract attention. Bursa Museum of Migration History, which has implemented more than fifty programs, national and international projects, conferences and workshops since its establishment, continues to make the visitors meet the impressive and unforgettable story of migration.