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The third of Knowledge Generation Meeting was Held

The third of “Knowledge Generation Meeting” about UN-HABITAT “City Profiling Method” was held in July 2019 and hosted by MBB, which is regularly performed in the structure of…

The second of Knowledge Generation Meeting Held under the title of “Local Government Finance in the Context of Migration and Refugee Crisis”

The second of “Knowledge Generation Meeting” was held on May 2nd, 2019 and hosted by MBB, which is regularly performed in the structure of MBB Migration Policies Center (MPC) in the scope of Resilience Project…

Bursa Migration History Museum Sheds Light on the City’s Past

Bursa Museum of Migration History, managed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Culture and Arts, Branch Directorate of Museums and sheds light on the 8500-year history of the city, draws the attention of visitors.

The activity “We Evaluate Our Resilience within the Scope of Resilience in Local Governance Project (RESLOG)” was held in Ankara

The activity “We Evaluate Our Resilience” organized within the Scope of RESLOG Project, which contributes to increase the service capacities and strengthen the resilience of the cities affected by the migration from Syria was held on April 16-17 in Ankara with the participation of 12 pilot municipalities.

Resilience in Local Governance Project (RESLOG) is implemented step by step

Resilience Project in Local Governance, which provides sustainable and impressive solutions by contributing to the increase in the capacity of municipalities in Turkey and Lebanon, seriously affected by the Syrian migration is executed step by step with the cooperation and knowledge exchange of the municipalities.

Municipalities face similar problems against migration

Within the scope of the activity “We Evaluate Our Resilience”, each municipality shared its own migration story and the impact of the increasing Syrian population growth in cities with the other pilot municipalities.