Resilience in Local Governance Project (RESLOG) is implemented step by step

Resilience Project in Local Governance, which provides sustainable and impressive solutions by contributing to the increase in the capacity of municipalities in Turkey and Lebanon, seriously affected by the Syrian migration is executed step by step with the cooperation and knowledge exchange of the municipalities. RESLOG Project is carried out by SKL International, which is the international project organization of the Swedish Union of Local Authorities and Regions and executed with the partnership of Turkish Union of Municipalities, Çukurova Union of Municipalities and Marmara Union of Municipalities. In the project scope which aims at increasing the service capacity of the municipalities for Turkish citizens and Syrians under temporary protection through humane, inclusive and peaceful practices, 12 pilot municipalities from Marmara and Çukurova Union of Municipalities convene and share their knowledge and experiences on migration.

Thanks to the project which helps to strengthen the cooperation of municipalities, the resilience of local governments is increasing for the regular residents in the cities and the Syrians under temporary protection. In the direction of the project, where the municipalities share their own migration stories and the activities done and planned to be carried out, the service capacities of the municipalities are being increased by contributing to the strengthening of the resilience of the local governments.