The RESLOG Project in Lebanon aims to promote good governance, resilience and active citizenship in Akkar, by strengthening local authorities’ capacities, advocating for national dialogues and engaging different community groups in decision making through area based approach.

Partners of the Project

Democratic Reporting International ( DRI)

Union of Municipalities of Dreib Al Awsat Akkar

Union of Municipalities of Jurd Al Qayteh Akkar

RESLOG Project Lebanon is active in four levels:

Local Level: Improved integrated planning and holistic governance at municipal level

  • Explore, Learn and share recommendations to National and Local Actors in relations to PPP and BP.

  • Create the space to Unions of Municipalities to ,actively engage in policy advocacy on National Level.

Regional Level: Strengthen the municipal governance and service provision:

  • Explore, Learn and share recommendations to National and Local Actors in relations to PPP and BP.

  • Facilitate an Institutional Needs Assessment and SWOT Analysis for Unions.

  • Provide a technical Capacity Building Plan based on the Needs Assessment Report.

  • Support technically the Union to improve the coordination and the communication between municipalities’ members of Union.

  • Support technically and financially the Unions to develop a Strategic plan and development plan.

  • Support technically and financially the Unions to effectively, identify prioritize and facilitate community projects.

  • Promote for Gender and Conflict sensitivity approach among Unions.

  • Promote for Inclusive and Participatory approaches among Unions.

Community Level: Promote for active citizenship:

  • Promote for active citizenship and Municipal laws at the community.

  • Equip the established committees and the active groups with all the technical information has to play effectively their roles at the community level.

  • Support technically and financially the committees to define prioritize and facilitate an inclusive project.

International Level: Establish platforms for learning and exchange in areas of migration, integration and resilience.

  • Create the space for partners to engage actively in learning events with peers from other countries.

  • Support the partners to wider their external engagement and experience in refugees’ response.

  • Expose partners to experiences related to integration and resilience in relation to refugees.