The RESLOG Project in Turkey aims to strengthen the resiliance of local governance in the face of migration through supporting local governance to provide inclusive services both to citizens and immigrants; providing contribution to improvement of migration policies in Turkey as well as strategic capacity and dialogue progress to strengthen the resilience of local governance. RESLOG Turkey supports developing a migration policy at the national level which meets with local reality and needs.

The Project strengthens inter-municipal learning and support structures through regional unions and supports local governments’ planning, governance and implementation capacities against migration.

RESLOG Turkey develops experience and information exchange based learning among local governance actors of Turkey, Lebanon and Sweden.

Partners of the Project

Union of Municipalities of Turkey (TBB)

Marmara Municipalities Union (MBB)

Çukurova Municipalities Union (ÇBB)

RESLOG Project Turkey is active in four levels:

Local Level: Improved integrated planning and holistic governance at municipal level

  • Organising awareness raising activities for municipal staff and high – level officials on the need for developing harmonisation strategies;

  • Building the capacities of host communities to develop master/action plans for the harmonisation between society and refugees;

  • Building the capacities of citizens assemblies for the harmonisation between society and refugees

  • To investigate and promote connection of municipalities in international networks

  • Organiszing peer to peer activities with Swedish municipalities

  • To investigate the opportunities for follow-up funding

Regional Level: Strengthened inter-municipal learning and support structures through regional unions

  • Supporting to improve Regional Municipalities’ Union Capacity to serve their municipalities

  • Supporting to improve networking among Regional Municipalities’ Union

  • To initiate peer to peer events with Swedish municipalities and SKL

  • Organizing awareness raising and planning events, workshops, forums, round table meetings, for member municipalities

National Level: Turkish national migration policies which reflect local realities and needs

  • Forming a mayors’ platform on Syrian crisis

  • To support structuring of a network among municipal associations, starting with municipalities Union, Çukurova Municipalities Union and Marmara Municipalities Union

International Level: Establish platforms for learning and exchange in areas of migration, integration and resilience.
  • Supporting cooperation and information exchange among the local governance actorss of Sweden, Turkey and Lebanon

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