The activity “We Evaluate Our Resilience within the Scope of Resilience in Local Governance Project (RESLOG)” was held in Ankara

The activity “We Evaluate Our Resilience” organized within the Scope of RESLOG Project, which contributes to increase the service capacities and strengthen the resilience of the cities affected by the migration from Syria was held on April 16-17 in Ankara with the participation of 12 pilot municipalities.

At the activity “We Evaluate Our Resilience” organized in the direction of the project carried out by SKL International, which is the international project organization of the Swedish Union of Local Authorities and Regions and executed with the partnership of Turkish Union of Municipalities, Çukurova Union of Municipalities and Marmara Union of Municipalities, each municipality shared its own resilience assessment with other pilot municipalities and strengthened cooperation against migration.  At the meeting, which is one of the milestones of the project, migration stories of the cities from past to present were also shared in addition to the evaluation of the resilience of municipalities in the scope of the master migration plan.

Unlike the instant solutions offered to the municipalities against immigrant problems, the activity, organized within the scope of the project to support the sustainable activities with the master migration plan, enabled the acceleration of the works.

Municipalities face similar problems against migration

Within the scope of the activity “We Evaluate Our Resilience”, each municipality shared its own migration story and the impact of the increasing Syrian population growth in cities with the other pilot municipalities. According to the situation, the challenges faced by the directorates of parks and gardens, social support and services, transportation, health and municipal police draw the attention in the municipalities, where the number of migrants is increasing. The high number of Syrians not registered in the cities plays an important role in not being able to determine the impact area of the activities to be put forward.

The biggest problem of the municipalities is the language problem. Municipalities are implementing a range of activities in community centers, particularly for Syrian women and children, by providing language courses for Syrians under temporary protection to help them adapt to and integrate in the social life.