The second of Knowledge Generation Meeting Held under the title of “Local Government Finance in the Context of Migration and Refugee Crisis”

The second of “Knowledge Generation Meeting” was held on May 2nd, 2019 and hosted by MBB, which is regularly performed in the structure of MBB Migration Policies Center (MPC) in the scope of Resilience Project in Local Governance in Turkey (RESLOG – Turkey), which has been put into practice for the purpose of increasing the service capacities of the cities influenced by the migration from Syria.

The “Local Government Finance in the Context of Migration and Refugee Crisis” meeting started with the opening speech delivered by Merve Ağca, MBB International Cooperation Specialist and RESLOG Project MBB Project Coordinator and Gül Tucaltan, RESLOG Turkey Project Coordinator. Within the scope of the program, Planning Experts at the Ministry of Interior Dr. Yahya Can Dura and Mr. Coşkun Karakoç shared information on “Local Government Finance in the Context of Migration and Refugee Crisis”. Pilot municipalities from Marmara Region and Çukurova Region as well as the representatives from the Turkish Union of Municipalities and Union of Municipalities from Çukurova participated in the meeting where the areas to be focused on in the context of financing the local governments were discussed.

During the program, where the relationship between migration and local governments was assessed in the context of financing the municipal services, the financial problems faced by local governments in the provision of inclusive services, current income-expense and resource management models and project-based alternative funding sources were discussed. Cemal Baş, TBB Project and Finance Unit Manager, delivered a speech on the activities carried out by TBB with FRIT II fund.
In the afternoon session of the Program, which focused on the tools that would enable the municipalities having established a shared urban culture and life, to improve their financial resources in the face of Syrian migration, municipalities shared knowledge and experiences on case studies and their budget income and expense tables were examined.