The third of Knowledge Generation Meeting was Held

The third of “Knowledge Generation Meeting” about UN-HABITAT “City Profiling Method” was held in July 2019 and hosted by MBB, which is regularly performed in the structure of MBB Migration Policies Center (MPC) in the scope of Resilience Project in Local Governance in Turkey (RESLOG – Turkey), which has been put into practice for the purpose of increasing the service capacities of the cities influenced by the migration from Syria.

UN-Habitat City Profiling Method Discussed

At the third workshop on information base development, UN-Habitat City Profiling Method was the topic to discuss. Opening speeches were delivered by RESLOG Turkey National Project Manager M. Sinan Özden and MBB Secretary General M. Cemil Arslan, and the representatives of Turkish Union of Municipalities, Çukurova Union of Municipalities and the pilot cities selected from the Marmara and Çukurova Regions attended the event.
During the first session of the event, Human Settlement Specialist Stephanie Loose from UN-Habitat Nairobi and City Analysis Unit Head Suzanne Maguire from UN-Habitat Lebanon explained the urban profiling methods for the municipalities affected from migration. Loose emphasized that they adopted a multi-sectoral approach where different stakeholders keep in touch in the management of migration. And Maguire provided information to the participants on the “City Profiling” method, which can be used as an effective migration management method and aims to associate the migration-related problems and development opportunities with space. In the event, where the representatives of the selected pilot municipalities took an active part, each municipality shared experiences by explaining the methods they implemented in their data collection processes and the challenges they faced.

In the second session of the event, the participants performed the city profiling and strategy development study basing on a case study.