More than a decade has passed since the first immigrants left Syria. As this migration movement reached from arrival to settlement phase, the response shifted from emergency humanitarian aid to the formulation of development policies and inclusive actions that support cohabitation.
The Resilience in Local Governance (RESLOG) Project, implemented in Turkey and Lebanon, aims to increase the resilience of local governments facing intense migration flows, to support peaceful cohabitation of local and immigrant communities and to secure the quality of life in these migrant-welcoming cities.
Throughout the past three years, project partners and pilot municipalities worked together to increase municipal resilience. They produced and shared collective knowledge, gained new skills, designed and implemented inclusive service planning activities and created many valuable outputs that show how local governments can support cohabitation and how they can be enablers of active citizenship.
This webcast series is a tribute to these efforts, where project partners and pilot municipalities share their RESLOG experience. Videos showcase RESLOG Project’s best practices, which, we hope will inspire other municipalities for the creation of enabling environments to increase their resilience in the face of migration and support cohabitation.

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